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Manakeep 728x90
Message from the Founder
Welcome to my clan, I'm Derek also known as SlenderMan, if you want the story on that I would recommend members stories. If you need to find me on xbox (my main gaming is done on there) the please enter the tag SmashbroPit (sadly the two capped letters do matter)

When Brothers In Arms was created I had no intention of making it a clan, I intended it to be a group for gamers to meet and help eachother, which is where I started using the motto "Alone we achieve greatness, Together we do the impossible" I'd like to break that down slightly "Alone we achieve greatness *I believe everyone has the potential to do everything they need on their own without help* Together we do the impossible" *while I believe that we can do whatever we want I also believe that only buy making friends in this world can we hope to progress in it.*

To join slender army basically become my best friend, they are my handpicked friends who are the ones I trust the most online, never try to overthrow the opinion's of (Devin) TH3 R4K3 or (Dakota) G4L 0P3N53A50N. they are my brothers and you will loose, I trust those two with my life.

If you wish to rank up in this clan you need to show pure progress on all levels of this clan, we recruit mainly off skill but after that only making friends and fighting for this clan will move you ahead, we don't focus on weather you're good or not like most clans. We focus to see if we can lay our trust and place our gaming lives in your hands without you crushing us.

Please show everyone the respect they deserve, by joining this clan they have already earned it as well as you. unless we gather together as human nature pushes us to and strive to protect, defend, and fight for each other, then we cannot achieve the impossible, but in this clan, we aim for nothing less.