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Manakeep 728x90


Rank: Slender Army
Online: 1 year ago
Joined: Nov 05, 2013
Nick Name: Sv
Gender: Male
Country: United States of America
State/Province: TOYS R US
City: isle 7 needs a clean up
I was born on October 13, 2001 and started playing fps games sense I was 4 or 7. when I was years old I bought my very first PC game(s) and it was called Star Wars Battlefront 1 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Star Wars Republic Commando. I played SWBF2 for a while and almost everyone began to notice my name nod I became a little popular. Then this guy named Rex changed my Star Wars life. He said did anyone have a game called Star Wars Republic Commando and I said yes. During that time I didn't even downloaded the game so I had to do the process of downloading and installing the game to my PC and 5 minutes later, I was playing a game that would change my life.

A year later, I played SWRC more and SWBF less. I called myself "TheKingNoob" because I stood up for noobs because they might've got real lives while these other people are like 360 MLGs.

My first clan I ever joined was Mando, but three days after I joined I left because I was still too young to know what a clan was.

I met a guy named Dragonball and we became friends till he left mysteriously. I tried to contact him but I couldn't find him. Then I went on YouTube and found Dragonball playing RC with a guy named CowBoy. I tried finding CowBoy but I couldn't till he put out a server. It was a clan recruiting server and I joined and we talked and I tried out to the clan. A week later he was again and he said I got in the clan. I was like what eva.

To speed things up, I got recognized in SWRC and I heard that SWBF was dieing. So I played SWBF for a few days then went back to RC and I finally got the website to DC, CowBoy's clan, and I met Comet, Kalikir(Kellen), Volotus, Eucas, Ghost Lead, Scope, Slice, 21, Jumbo, Ace, Puma, Beast and some more. Then I know this thing called Multi-clanning so I rejoined Mando and then a clan that Volotus owns, LXM, and a clan that Beast used to own, RE, and a former EA clan member, Slenderman, with his clan BIA. To this day, I'm still in DC, BIA, and Mando.

A year after that. On May 31st, 2013. SWRC was officially dead. I was heart broken. But I got through it and so did my fam in DC. I started playing on the PS3 before SWRC shut down. And on my birthday in 2014, I got my PS4 and played the hell outta it. Then I started my YouTube channel. It was originally going to be Battlefield but then I got into MineCraft and now sense the remake of Star Wars Battlefront, my YouTube channel is all about SWBF.

I'm also fun to talk to and I'm very responsible.

And that'll be it :) Thanks for reading and ya.