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#11103233 May 28, 2015 at 07:01 AM
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Man this is way overdue, so lets get started:

GamerGate started 9 monthes ago, when it was shown that some games journalism sites were not being honest about their game reviews. This pissed many gamers off, so the sites tried to make the claim that their consumers are dead and that we're not their audience anymore. That's basically what kicked the movement off.

GG had 2 main goals: Ethics in games journalism, and freedom of expression. The latter was proven when Australia banned GTA V from being sold at Target. By that point, gamers (especially in Australia), were outraged, because the people who campaigned to remove the game are the same ones who claim that they won't take away video games. Pretty funny. Anyway, what links to this is the #changethecover incident, where people who had the same mindset as the ones in Australia got a Batgirl variant cover pulled, while saying it promoted "rape culture". All this really went to show is that a lot of people who are Pro-GG aren't actually gamers, but they all fight a common enemy: censorship.

About last month, it seems that GamerGate finally achieved it's goal of ethics: now there are sites that make honest reviews of games. Sadly, there will always be censorship, so that's not over. I chose to join GamerGate because of censorhip incidents like the Batgirl variant explained above.

(IMPORTANT) Please don't just take my word for this, look up other incidents that have happened, look up videos about this on Youtube, so you'll decide for yourself. Don't just listen and believe what I've said.
Against people banning video games (that's all you need to know...)
#11103782 May 28, 2015 at 09:18 AM
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.-. poor Australia.
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